Plastic Film Recycling Machine (Die-face Cutting)


CT-130HAW / 160HAW / 180HAW

Shredding-Extrusion-Pelletizing, Mass Production

BOPP Films LLDPE Films LDPE Films HDPE Films

Capacity:400-1500 kg/hr

  • Three-in-one recycling facility combines shredder, extruder and pelletizer functionalities.
  • Designed to recycle pellets from factory waste.
  • Die head cutting saves manual feeding costs while the sink-less design minimizes footprint.
Optional Accessories:
  • Vacuum pump: expels gas fumes and excess moisture; suitable for printing, foaming, and cleaning related moulding material.
  • Metal detector: can prevent large metal pieces from being crushed by the shredder, causing further separation difficulties; also serves to protect the machinery.

Application :

CT-HAW Series

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