PP / Decomposable / Straw Making Machine


CT-50-1C / CT-55-2C / CT-60-3C

Single or two, three color

PP Decompostable


Precision and efficiency are flawlessly incorporated in our high-quality PP Straw Making Machine. Choose your desired colour and customize the diameter to suit your individual requirements, ranging from 4mm to 12mm. This machine also has the capability to produce environmentally friendly, plastic-free straws. Increase your production with single, dual, or tri-colour PP Straw Making Machine models, embodying excellence in every straw. Opt for innovation and dependability - choose our PP Straw Making Machine for a fresh benchmark in manufacturing polypropylene straws. Additionally, this machine can also be used to create Decomposable straws, providing a sustainable alternative.

  • This unit is specially made to manufacture a vaniety of PP straws, including cotton swabs, straws, lollipop sticks, and similar items, sized 4mm to 12mm in diameter.
  • All controls s come pre-emb nbedded within the machinery for easy operation and appealing looks.
  • Comes with high speed, automatic traction cutter.
  • Simple and pract ticall structakes less space, operates with less noise, and is long lasting.
  • Choose from single colour, two colour, or three colour models.

Application :

PP/Decompostable Straw Making Machine

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