PET / PLA / Decomposable / Vacuum Forming Sheet Extruder


CT-110PET / CT-125PET / CT-150PET

Highly transparent material, recyclable

PLA Sheet Decompostable PET Sheet

Capacity:250-600 kg/hr


Products made with this model are suitable for: fruit and vegetable packaging and cold drink filling; the material's transparency is good and can be recycled.


PLA poly lactic acid is 100% biodegraded after post-use buried, and will not pollute the environment. It can be used for cold filling, fresh food trays and lettuce salad boxes.


Polyethyeme terephthalote, which meets the need of world trends, is highly transparent and toughness, and can replace PVC sheets without the worries of dioxin. It has a wide range of uses: packaging boxes for fresh fruit and vegetable, biscuits, eggs, cold drinks, machine parts and hardware.

PET double / multi-layer sheet extrusion, used in ABA/ABC with feedblock.


Decomposable materials, certified through five major certifications, are easily degradable. This sustainable alternative supports the circular economy, reducing the need for landfill disposal of waste.


Model CT-110PET CT-125PET CT-150PET
Capacity 250-300 kg/hr 350-420 kg/hr 500-600 kg/hr

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