PET, PLA, PP, PS, HIP, HIPS, PP folder, Decomposable sheet

Chun Tai provides PP molding sheet machines, PP/HIPS molding sheet machines, and PP/PS hot press molding sheet machines, which are widely used in the manufacturing of various products, including disposable plastic tableware, cup lids, food plastic containers, as well as various file folders, book pads, and scratch-resistant pads.

These plastic sheets possess unique characteristics that can meet the diverse needs of products in daily life. The PP (polypropylene) material ensures the convenience of disposable items while providing a reliable solution.

In addition to common materials such as PP, PS, HIP, and HIPS, Chun Tai's models also support PET, PLA, and Compostable materials, expanding the range of material choices for products. This allows customers to choose the most suitable material according to the needs of different applications, while also adhering to the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development.

All of Chun Tai's models are equipped with the function of online leftover material and formed leftover material recycling, and can be re-fed for processing. This not only helps reduce the consumption of Earth's resources but also lowers the production costs for customers.


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