High MFI Pelletizing


Specific recycling materals for high viscosity and high MFI plastic resin PET, PP, PU, PC and ABS.

Granulating high-viscosity plastics is a process designed for recycling materials with high viscosity and high flow indexes, including plastic materials such as PET, PP, PU, PC, and ABS.

In this granulation process, high-viscosity plastic materials undergo special treatment to be transformed into small pellets, addressing the characteristics of high viscosity and high flow indexes. This technology provides an effective and feasible method to reduce waste and promote the recycling of plastic resources.

All of Chun Tai's models are equipped with the function of online leftover material and formed leftover material recycling, and can be re-fed for processing. This not only helps reduce the consumption of Earth's resources but also lowers the production costs for customers.

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