Plastic Net


Square shape net, diamond plastic net

Square and diamond meshes are widely used in construction fencing, agricultural cultivation, livestock breeding, fishery aquaculture nets, and soil and water conservation, among other areas.

The structural shapes of these meshes offer multifunctional applications, such as safety isolation in construction fencing, plant support in agricultural cultivation, cage construction in livestock breeding, isolation and protection in fishery aquaculture, and playing a crucial role in soil and water conservation.

Square mesh manufacturing machines and diamond mesh manufacturing machines are key equipment used to produce these meshes. These machines can efficiently produce mesh products that meet the demands, ensuring stability and applicability to satisfy the needs of various application scenarios.

All of Chun Tai's models are equipped with the function of online leftover material and formed leftover material recycling, and can be re-fed for processing. This not only helps reduce the consumption of Earth's resources but also lowers the production costs for customers.

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