Soft Hose


PVC/PE Soft pipe for houses and fields

PVC hose manufacturing is widely applied in households, agriculture, industrial construction, and as protective tubing for automobiles and motorcycles. PE hoses are commonly used in student water bottles and agricultural orchards.

These hoses can be used as agricultural water pipes, including PE water pipes, for irrigation and agricultural water systems. Additionally, the automotive industry utilizes these hoses as part of their piping systems, applying them in automobile manufacturing and related industrial fields.

PVC-PE hose manufacturing machines are specialized equipment designed for producing PVC hoses and PE pipes. These machines ensure the efficiency and quality of hose production to meet the needs of various applications.

All of Chun Tai's models are equipped with the function of online leftover material and formed leftover material recycling, and can be re-fed for processing. This not only helps reduce the consumption of Earth's resources but also lowers the production costs for customers.

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